Punjabi Sardar Jokes in Hindi

All about "Punjabi's" 

Syaapa - A one word definition of any disaster

Tastiest meal on earth- Langar

The one thing that brings a smile on every Punjabi's face - Rajma Chawal

Punjabi Fitness mantra- One bottle a day, keeps the doctor away

Being 'LOUD' is our birth right, and we shall have it!

Its never 'Haaan', its always haanjii

There's always that one uncle who will dance with a glass on his head after a few pegs at every party!

Our families are often so loud when they're happy , people think we're fighting !

The 5 P's of Punjabiness-
Pinni ( kind of a laddu with lots of dryfruits)

We specialize in the art of earning 1 Rs and spending Rs 1.5 !

Our Biggest Tensions - 
When to eat ?
What to eat ? 
With whom to eat?

'Kal se daruu band aur dieting shuru'- Things we say everyday!

Life is full of problems... 

But there are some KEYS ��that can help you.. like: 

Saanu key 
Tuannu key 
Aay key,
O key
Hoya key 
Te fair key

And to top it all...
... Whis-key 

Contact Punjabis for these s.

And if all these fail then maa key and behen key��


English mother. .good night, dear

Hindi mother. . Shubh raatri, beta.

Punjabi mother. . So ja kuteya, mobile da syapa chhad de, rakh de apne peo nu hun...whats app wali maa naal suvere galla ker lei.....��

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