Breaking News.. Rajnikant jokes

Breaking News...
NASA closed.. . . . . Rajnikant bought all the rockets for diwali….
This message is sent by Rajnikant(In the interest of humanity): Guys plz stop making jokes on me "Otherwise, I will delete the INTERNET"

Jab Rajnikant 3rd class me padtha tha tab kisi ne uske notes chura liye the. Ab wo wikipedia kehlate he Crazy people!!!! ;)

"Kaun kehta he ki duniya 2012 me khatam ho jayegi. Rajnikant ne 1 laptop teen saal ki warranty ke sath kharida he"

Jab Rajnikant student tha tab teacher uski class se bunk kar jate the!!!

Rajinikant ko exam me 150 questions ka paper aya jisme use koi 100 question solve karne ko kaha gaya tha. Rajni ne sare 150 questions solve kar diye aur likha, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!"

Ek din mansoon me Rajnikant ne cricket khelne ka socha aur barish band ho gayi.


Rajnikant started college. All students were confused while taking admission because name of college is "Rajnikant's Medical College of Engineering for Commerce".

Rajnikanth's next project is the Titanic in Tamil. However, Rajni has twisted the climax. Both the lead actors survive. Rajni swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the heroine in one hand and... The Titanic in the other

Rajni can walk faster than light. "Rajni cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another".

Once a photo of Rajnikant was given for Xerox. Don't even try to guess what happened. We got two copies of the Xerox machine.

One more: Once upon a time Rajnikant used Tooth Powder to getstrong teeth today that powder is known as "AMBUJA CEMENT"

With due respect to RAJANI SIR,

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