Freindship Sms Dost kaise hote hai

Only for you FRIENDS
Plz read slowly n Pura Read karna.
...its a very Nice one...
Zindagi matlab kya.. ?
"Ek dhundli si shaam, 4 dost. 4 Cup chai, 1 Table..":)
Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"1 innova car, 7 dost, aur 1 khula lamba pahadi Raasta"
Zindagi...mtlb kya.?
"1 dost ka ghar, Halki si Baarish, aur dher saari baatein..:)
Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"school ke dost, Bunk Kiya hua
Lecture, 1 kachori, 2 samose aur bill par hone wala jhagda... :p
Zindagi...mtlb kya...?
"Phone uthate hi pdhne wali dost ki mithi se gaali, aur Sorry kehne par 1 aur gaali" :p
Zindagi...mtlb kya..?
"Kuch saalon baad, Aachanak purane dost ka 1 sms, Dhundli padi kuch bhigi yadein aur Ankho me aaye aansu. :'(
We make many friends,
Some become Dearest,
Some become Special,
Some We Fall in Love with,
Some go Abroad,
Some change their cities,
Some Leave us 
We Leave some,
Some are in contact,
Some are not in contact
N Some don't contact
because of their ego,
We don't contact some 
because of our ego,
Wherever they are,
However they are,
We still remember,
Miss, 
N Care 
about them because of the part they played,  in our life.
Send this to all ur friends..

no matter how often you talk or how close you are

Let old friends know you haven't forgotten them 
& tell new friends you will never forget them

Cheers To friendship
Ek Request..
Khoob forward karna..

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